Is my project too small?

No. Client requests range from the repair of a leaky faucet or additional lighting in their garage - to large commercial retrofits lasting months or longer. We are here for all your construction and contractor related needs.

What is your square footage price?

Square footage price varies dramatically by the products and / or design components of the home. Many designs are sometimes more complex than others. Without first looking at the plan desired and the elements the owner(s) wish to have, it is not practical to assign a square foot price over the phone. Ten years ago what used to be a typical home is now considered a low and a starter home. As consumers, we have demanded expensive products, larger, and more complex homes. Although this stimulates a more creative and impressive building, it also affects pricing. We help our clients to get the elements they want incorporated in the finished product while keeping you within your budget.

How do allowances work in the contract?
Do we get money back if we do not spend it all?

Absolutely, you will receive allowance credits for those items that qualify as shown in your contract.

I know liability insurance is not required in California for Contractors.
How am I protected if something happens?

Workers compensation coverage is required for all California Contractors and help to protect their employees. But what about you? You are 100% protected. We carry a $2 million policy in Liability Coverage on each Client for each project we perform so you can be rest assured your investment is safe.

Does Remodel Pros charge for estimates?

Generally, there is no charge. In some rare cases there are structural concerns that may need to be addressed by an engineer. The fees associated will be quoted without any obligation. Ninety-nine percent of the time, your Estimator (and a licensed General Building Contractor) will be able to use their expertise and bid your project free of charge.


Ask your friends and relatives about their experiences with remodeling and whom they have hired.

Beware of Contractors that advertise price. There is no way to 100% accurately estimate your project site unseen. A detailed on-site inspection is the only accurate way to truly estimate. An online or verbal quote over the phone is only a way to get the ball rolling.

Is the Contractor you are considering hiring actually licensed? And if so, and are they licensed specifically in the area they are bidding on? Plumbers performing drywall repairs is just a bad as hiring drywallers to plumb a new kitchen sink. Also, be wary of handymen. There is a reason they are not an actual Contractor and the only way to know you are in good hands to to hire a General Building Contractor as they can, and are licensed….to do it all.

Do not choose a Contractor only because they present the lowest price. If you are considering only the lowest bidder, beware! Quality of materials and workmanship shows. And as the years go by, it will show even more.

Everything should be in writing and although many dislike spending the time to write up a contract, it is a fact that Contracts save confusion. A complete set of project specifications that you can understand is vital.

Follow through. An important part of remodeling is the feeling of confidence with the people you will be working with. Remember salesman and designers do not hold hammers. Insist on meeting the Project Manager that will be responsible for your remodel. If your contractor doesn't have a Project Manager…brace yourself and prepare for problems.

Get references and do your research before your remodel. Is the Company reputable and have good ratings or has nobody ever heard of them? One-man companies don’t have much to lose or a name to uphold. You are more likely to get good follow-up after a project with a company that is bigger but still treats every project and Client with respect.

Have patience. Do not be rushed into decisions. Take whatever time you need to feel completely comfortable with the Contractor you choose.

  • "We'd recommend Ben and the Remodel Pros crew to anybody. They were extremely responsive and performed every step of the process efficiently and professionally. We were anxious about such a major home remodel but they made everything as easy and as painless as possible."

    Dan and Cheryl G., Shell Beach

  • "Wanted to say thank you for the incredible job! We really appreciate the time and care you gave us and your theory that ‘no question is a dumb question’. We will continue to recommend you to friends and love how you transformed our home. Thanks again!"

    Paul and Lorraine M., Paso Robles

  • "We've used Ben and his team for multiple major projects in our home. In all my years of working in construction, no one ever exceeded my expectations as Ben and his guys have done repeatedly. His prices are more than fair and the performance is outstanding!"

    Edwin and Marissa M., Arroyo Grande

  • “We thoroughly enjoyed working with Remodel Pros. Their patience and ability to partner up with us for our office remodel really made it feel as though we worked as a team. Amazing job and wonderful ideas that really made the project a success.”

    Allan C., San Luis Obispo

  • “Remodel Pros made every attempt to minimize client inconvenience, uphold the high standards and attention to detail we truly appreciate, perform their job with unquestioned trustworthiness, and brought along with them humorous and warm personality into our home.”

    Gerard J., Cambria

  • “Thanks again for the workmanship you showed and the attention you gave Rebecca and I during the project. Well planned and executed with care. I couldn’t imagine a job going any smoother than ours did. Wishing the best for your company and thank you!”

    Gary and Rebecca S. Cambia

  • “Thank you so much. Everything was in such disarray before you guys showed up!
    Thanks again for the beautiful job and getting me all sorted out with my ‘disaster’ and insurance, etc. Thank you so much. You guys rock"!

    Sally P., Atascadero